Hotel and Restaurant Industry – An Effective Marketing Plan

The industry of hospitality is a competitive marketplace for which traditional publicity streams, such as newspapers, television and billboards have become more and more insufficient. In addition, you do not have access to the huge marketing budgets on which the national and international chains rely, when you run an independent small hotel or restaurant. So, creative and more personal marketing plan could serve you the best.

  1. Host an event

Throughout open invitations, your marketing plan should contain ways for possible clients to visit your facility. As a small restaurant and hotel owner, you have the ability to host events that most of your business groups and area clubs appreciate. You should join and offer to host an after-hours mixer if you aren’t a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. You should contact local charities and offer your space for them to use for volunteer recognition or fundraising events efforts. You should target those groups whose members are like your own target customer. You need to enlist the participation of a local celebrity to boost your publicity and emit press releases to the media.

  1. You need to reward loyalty

You can rely on about 1/3 of your business to come from repeat customers – according to the Food Service Warehouse. As the owner you should know your best clients by name and also recognize them when they visit. You should design a marketing program that is aimed at loyal customers, and provides motivations for them to refer you to their family and friends. You should offer discounts to your supporters who refer others to the restaurant. Also, you could give a free night’s stay to a regular customer who also books a room for guests. You should develop creative strategies to show your appreciation and also reward loyalty.

  1. Increase your online presence

Some small businesses operate effectively without utilizing social networking, websites and blogs to promote their businesses. However, you need to develop a presence online with an attractive, clear website, a social media presence with thrilling entries and an informative blog to capture and maintain interest in both your potential clients and repeat customers. Make use of the writing skills of your staff and push them to create blog posts about your overnight and eating options. You should hold a contest for customers to win overnight stay or a free meal for the most original article and post a picture of the winner next to the article on your blog. You should market your blog as a place for visitors to increase approaching with tips about the area in which you are located.

  1. Partner up

You could increase the efficiency of your marketing dollars by partnering with other businesses in order to target the same consumers. Your city’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, local tourist attractions, the Chamber of Commerce, sports and theaters franchises all of that could make triumphant partners for a shared-marketing campaign. You could share the costs of ads for festivals or some other big events in town. You could, for example to provide food for an event in trade for ads and posters in the theater program. Also, in exchange for prominent billing in television and print ads you could host the kick-off party for a new show in town and work out a trade to house out-of-town performers.

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